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What Our Bossies Say

Jacqueline Yvette

Jacqueline Yvette

Co-Founder, Energy Made With Intention

“Letitia is a breath of fresh air. She's strategic, with tons of testing experience to back it up. She was ultra helpful in brainstorming ways to increase visibility for my [ travel] retreat, ways to structure promotions and a contest, and more. Letitia helped me get clear on effective language for selling my 'biz-cation'-style retreat and also helped me identify the next steps needed (and how to utilize her app, to get things done!). Thirty minutes with her is like attending a full on business conference."

Zona Shahrukh

Zona Shahrukh

Travel Blogger

”This is the only business advice I've ever taken seriously and applied for because it really is that helpful. Its obvious you give your whole self to this entire group Letitia Elizabeth, and I guess thats the case with honest, hardworking people, as they're always questioning themselves on whether they gave it their 110%. As a student in this community, I did not expect this much one-on-one attention please know you are going way beyond what anyone else in the "coaching" industry is doing. So happy to be here and proud to be learning from someone so caring about her students. You're da bomb!”

"I love feeling trapped in my current job and visiting beautiful corners of the world only in my day dreams." 
-No one, ever

Letitia Elizabeth

Letitia Elizabeth

Tokyo tomorrow? No problem.

A month-long rendezvous with that flame you met in Spain? Book it!  

One way ticket to Australia with no plan in sight other than to explore? Absofuckinutely.

Despite what you may think, your desire to break free, become location independent and feel financially secure enough to travel doesn’t have to involve struggling or worry, it just requires focus. There IS a complete plug-and-play formula to affording your wanderlust dreams. No “guru secret” required. It’s as easy as you tapping into your love of travel. 

My name is Letitia Elizabeth and I’m Chief Encouragement Officer at WANDERBOSS.

The Queen Of One Way Tickets. I guess that's what they call me. If it walks and talks like a duck...

Six sweet years ago, I landed in Portugal. What did I know about this humble little country in the south of Europe? Absolutely nothing. All I knew were the perfectly faked lives seen on social media that made living like a nomad seem so easy - they didn't show you the behind the scenes of how most remote workers truly get their start. I had no apartment, no local phone, no bank account and no return flight. What I did have was a volunteer job in a gorgeous guesthouse, where soon after, I was ceremoniously fired faster than you could shed a tear. Apparently, I made a very unreliable volunteer whose microwave cleaning skills were worth getting the boot. Ouch.

With no place to live, and no obvious escape plan, my only hope was connecting with the friends I made, and cultivating some sort of self-motivation to get myself out of a funk, because I damn sure wasn't going to be anyone's kitchen scrubber anywhere other than the gorgeous lands of Europe. What could a doe-eyed naive girl with nothing possibly do?  

That is how the story begins of how I moved to Europe. 

Over the next year, I walked the wide avenues, learned a sampling of languages, made unforgettable friends and lived off a collective of small favors and trading hours for cash in any boring way necessary. 

I also tried to start a blog. The first of its kind, blending travel and fashion for born again minimalists. And in total honesty, it failed. Miserably. Alright well, not miserably per se. For some, the fact that I was number one in every search result on Google for all my keywords, had comment and share engagement rates that broke records at the time, and got paid thousands of dollars to work with some of the most notorious brands on the planet, that was all well and good for the more gullible. For me, I was getting quite intimate with this new lingo known as "sustainable" and, sustainable my income was not. My ability to pay myself through my own hard work was as dependable as a flat tire. My blog and I just weren't going to get very far.

If only I knew then what I knew now. 

Fast forward almost a decade in time and I have seen every trick under the sun, turned over every leaf imaginable, and still come to the same conclusion. If you're a multi-passionate soul with untamable wanderlust, the only work that will manifest consistent reliable income is the thing that lights you up in the first place.



I know, I know. Why didn't we think of this before. I went from hosing down garbage cans, farming, and copywriting for ten cents an article, to launching global travel events, producing magazines sponsored by tourism boards (hello free hotel stays and gourmet meals!) and running one of the most successful tour companies that saw peak months of $12,000 paychecks which spun off into a wildly popular five-figure, France-inspired, curated subscription box before boxes even became an industry.


While there are several ways to make money as a location independent nomad, not all of them will provide you enough income to live the lifestyle you want. Although I can’t go back in time, I can at least share what I’ve learned with you so you can cultivate the same pioneering, resourceful mindset to make any idea pop off. 

How NOT to Get Paid to Travel

First off, no matter what the people trying to sell water to an ocean are telling you, a blog may not be the path you're looking to travel down. At least not yet.

I'm going to be blunt: a blog was a terrible idea for trying to generate income within the first year of world travel. 

Here’s the deal, blogs:  
~Take a shitload of time 
~Aren’t perceived as valuable until you're influencer status
~Are as costly of an investment as a newborn sucking you dry (trust me, my mother loves to remind me of this fact)

As one of the wisest blogging experts out there puts it bluntly, (expert in question being Amy Lynn Andrews) “much of the money bloggers make doesn’t even come from blogging directly. A blog is a platform or online homebase...bloggers use their blogs as springboards to launch other products & services that bring in real income.” 

And while writing an eBook, becoming an affiliate, prancing around on Youtube, podcasting, virtual assisting, freelancing, drop shipping, social media managing, and all around whoring yourself out for money by any means necessary are all completely fine, totally acceptable alternatives, my guess is you’re digging deep into this idea of traveling to enjoy new experiences and cultures. The last thing you're fantasizing about is being someone's night and day assistant for pennies on the dollar.  


You love travel, yeah? Got it. So let's tap into your love of travel by walking you through the exact, fail-proof method I used every single time I had the urge to discover somewhere new and not have to worry about money. 

Travel curation.

At WANDERBOSS, it's my number one priority to empower you to wander freely by starting your own Travel Designer business, where all you need is a passion for the world and the eye of a curator.

Hop, skip, and drop your email address like it's hot in any box on this page so I can invite you into the WANDERBOSS private group where all the free training and collaborating goes down. Best thing since sliced bread, I promise!


"Letitia was able to help me stop over-thinking every little detail and refine a complex array of ideas into easily actionable steps, allowing me to overcome the little fears I have of social interaction every day that would keep me from reaching my big goals. We were able to honestly and positively break some ground on my thought processes that were resulting in limiting behavior. Plus she's just really cool!"
-Cody G.

“Hey Letitia! Thoroughly enjoyed our session today!! :) I am super excited and motivated about the direction of my business, I am loving every minute of this coaching adventure with you! ...I have never loved ‘homework’ as much as I do now! haha!!!! :)”
-Michelle Puccio

“Letitia, thank you. I found your guidance to be exactly what I needed to kickstart this new chapter in my life so I'm taking your advice and sharing what I've learned here and how I intend to use it for my business. First things first, I stop marketing by business. My website...the quick, free and simple trainwreck that it was...has been derailed. You opened my eyes. The lights are off and the sign on the door say's "I'll be back". Instead, I'll do whats necessary to get to know my customers and introduce myself to them. HOW? By writing a "Kick-Ass" ABOUT page. One that's captivating in that it not only attracts but it also holds the interest and attention of the readers of it. One that's engaging and that charms the readers, it delights them, it's pleasing to their eyes and minds. And one that is so mesmerizing my readers would rather be there and exclude all others. My ABOUT page simply, elegantly introduces me and tells why I have the gall to insist that I am the very best at what I do and why my "things" are worth them spending money on and sharing with others. This is my Brand Story.

Second, realizing that if I am aware I need assistance in all I'm failing at, how can I even fathom asking others to follow or even like me, let alone part with their money to make my dream a reality. So, instead of spending huge amounts of time on things that will amount to nothing I'll spend time building relevant relationships with my customers. This is Brand Messaging. Rounding things off, I am done (for now) trying to promote my business. More people going to my site to see all the new products I've designed does not mean more sales for me. It hasn't amounted to any sales as a matter of fact. Okay so I am one in a million here, asking what all the others are asking...CHOOSE ME...but not even knowing why they should. Is it for more money and freedom for do they benefit from that? Instead I'll have to pinpoint what's different about my services and what makes me unlike anything they've seen before. I'll have to figure out how to "knock their socks off!" Brand Positioning.

YOU helped me see all these things I was doing backwards. Thank you.”
-Melonie McGee

Still feeling like your dream travel job is out of reach?

The WANDERBOSS PODCAST is coming! Hear stories of incredible travelpreneurs who turned a seed of an idea into reliable income that fueled their location independent life. In the meantime, follow along with our FREE email course + be notified when the podcast is live.

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